"Quotes from our Native Past"

Chief Seattle

"When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them."


A little about us:

I am an accountant, and love to show off my pugs.  I have been owned by pugs since 1993.  It wasn't until 1994 that I found an overpowering love and desire to get involved in AKC show conformation.   Since then I have been blessed to have been able to breed, and handle my own pugs to their championships


My love and passion for pugs grow very deeply.  My heart ached when I saw a pug puppy in a pet store.  I grabbed every pug book I could find to educate myself so I could be the perfect pug Mom.  I knew I needed to get help for the less fortunate abused and needy pugs.  It was my mission and desire to help those pugs.  So I started a pug rescue organization.


I have a true passion and love for our  native Indian history.  I take great pride in researching and selecting the perfect Native American names for each of my pugkids.  We dress up in Indian outfits and warrior headdress, enter in contests and meet many new friends along the way in our dog show adventures.


I am an active member of the following clubs

Pug Dog Club Of America, Inc.

Pug Rescue of North Carolina, Inc

Carolina Kennel Club, Inc.

Furniture City Kennel Club, Inc.



Hootie makes Headlines in the Greensboro News & Record at the First

Annual Pug Picnic for Pug Rescue, in Greensboro, N.C.

Hootie really showed off to raise big bucks for Rescue



We at the Wahoo Tribe do have puppies occasionally.  I as a breeder, have a true
love for the pug breed, and consider them as a part of my family. I have
confidence in the quality and bloodlines of my dogs.  I always have a hard time

"letting go".  After all, I have raised these puppies since birth and watched them
grow.  I have nurtured them and I am not about to let all that time, love and energy go to
waste on someone who truly does not care about the dog.  I belong to many
kennel clubs and follow our code of ethics.

I put a lot of myself into the dogs I raise.  I invest much time and love, as well as
many dollars.  I give a full health guarantee on every puppy.
Remember, paying more for a good quality dog will often offset the many
heartaches and bills involved with buying a poor quality, low priced dog.
I breed only to attain a puppy for myself.  To improve the quality of the breed is my
first and foremost motive in the litter.  I try to pick the best possible pair of dogs
to compliment each other.

When buying your new puppy, there is one thing to consider.  Always find a
responsible and reputable breeder.  NEVER buy from a Pet Store, puppy mills
or backyard breeders.  A responsible breeder will take care to see that each
Pug sold is the right pet for the buyer.  Breeders need to be sure that when they
send each Pug to a new home with new owner, that it is a good experience, for
both the Pug and the new owner alike.

If you are a serious prospective Pug owner, be sure you take the time to
educate yourself about the Pug.  By using books, magazines, breeder's advice, and
many Pug clubs as your resource, you are sure to have a good pool of
knowledge about the breed and its needs.


Our pugs are given NuVet every day to maintain a happy and healthy life!


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Pug Rescue

If you are interested in knowing more about pug rescue, click this link to contact me.

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