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Code of Ethics


Pug Dog Club of America, Inc.

Revised March 18, 2006


This Code of Ethics is established for the members of the Pug Dog Club of America to promote ideals and principles necessary to maintain and protect the Pug breed. Members who violate this code will be dealt with in accordance with Article VII of the Pug Dog Club of America Constitution and By Laws.


Each member shall be familiar with and observe the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club and the Pug Dog Club of America. No member shall have surgery performed on any Pug to alter cosmetic features (as mentioned in the AKC Policy Manual, Section XII Change in to serve the purposes of exhibition.

Each member shall be familiar with the Pug Standard as approved the by PDCA and The American Kennel Club.

Each Member should be aware at all times that the Club exists to protect the breed.

Each Member should know that our Code of Ethics is more than a set of rules. It is a commitment to a high standard of practice in owning and breeding Pugs.

Each member shall at all times display good sportsmanship and conduct. Whether at home, traveling, at shows or motels they will treat all present, including competitors, judges, officials and spectators with respect and courtesy.

No Member shall engage in false advertising. No member shall maliciously malign another member by making false or misleading statements regarding a competitor's dog, breeding practices, or person.

No member shall EVER sell or donate dogs for auctions or raffles, or to pet shops, catalog houses, brokers or for resale purposes.

Breeders shall be familiar with AKC rules concerning record keeping, registration, sale and transfer of dogs, and abide by these rules.

Breeders shall exercise great care when selecting stud dogs or brood bitches.

Breeders shall use stock of characteristic type, exhibit soundness, stable temperament, be in good health and condition and be free of communicable diseases and serious genetic defects.

Breeders do not breed just for the pet market and believe the only justifiable reason to breed is to improve the breed. Pugs sold as pet quality are to be sold with limited registration and spay/neuter requirements.

Breeders shall provide with each Pug sold: diet and care information, immunization, health record, three generation pedigree, registration application or transfer (when applicable), Code of Ethics, and will strive to help with problems and provide information throughout the dog's life.

Breeders shall endeavor to place puppies in good homes but understand they are responsible for puppies they have bred, and are responsible to take these puppies back if the need arises.

Breeders shall at all times consider the lives of their dogs, as this breed is to provide love and companionship. They should be maintained in a clean, comfortable and healthy environment, with proper socialization and exercise of primary importance.


Nothing in this Code of Ethics should be construed to be in violation of the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club or the Constitution and By Laws of the Pug Dog Club of America.

Each member must accept the responsibility to protect the interests of our breed by conducting himself in a manner designed to reflect credit on himself, the Pug breed and the Pug Dog Club of America.


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